Episode 22: Recent Industry Developments

Wow, a lot happened in the last few weeks while Gavin was laid up, huh? Join a recovering Gav and healthy Wil as they discuss the three industry-wowing pieces of podcasting news that’ve happened in the last couple of weeks. Also they bring some appropriately sick puns and awesome podcast recommendations! 

Discussed this episode:

Discussion topic: What Happened In Podcasting Recently? 

Gimlet/Spotify/Anchor Deal: 

Starlee Kine’s tweet. 

iTunes emails. 

Luminary: The Netflix of Podcasts

Lauren Shippen’s blog post re: The Am Archives being exclusive to Luminary. 

Jordan Cobb’s thread

The Luminary Bunny

HBomberguy’s video on Woke Brands

Tau Zauman’s Thread on VC funding

Podcast exchange.

Pun-tastic presentation of podcasts we think should exist.

Transcript coming soon!

Wil’s Discord Server: https://discord.gg/f7H6dBr
Gavin’s Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NRwPuqV
TIDU Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/?ref_id=6340


Recommended podcasts:

The 12:37


Moonbase Theta, Out

Death by Dying 

All clips were used with the express written permission of their respective creators and are used only for educational/demonstration purposes.


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